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The Official Listserv of the Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Visit us at You must be a licensed attorney and have a current paid TCCDLA membership to have access to the listserv. This includes attorneys who are over the age of 65 who take any retained or appointed criminal cases. You may purchase your 2020 membership here: *Monthly Luncheon:* The Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association meets on the second Thursday of every month at 11:30 a.m. at Joe T. Garcia’s. The meetings usually provide 1 hour of MCLE once approved by the State Bar of Texas, as well as a case law update. The judiciary is welcome and invited to attend.
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  • tccdla | SecondChair
    Interested in volunteering as a second chair? Need a second chair? This is the place for those conversations.
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    A subgroup for board members. Messages in this subgroup can only be seen by members of the subgroup.
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    This is the listserve for the *Indigent Defense Committee*. The messages are visible to members of the Committee.
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  • tccdla | krouse
    This sub-group is for members of TCCDLA who have a case involving Dr. Krouse. The purpose of this group is to make sure members are kept up-to-date on issues related to Dr. Krouse, and to share notes or experiences related
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